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Moving Picture Co.

Santa Monica, CA United States

Patrick Tighe Architecture


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This 8,200-square-foot space was designed for a U.K.–based post-production company inside an office building in downtown Santa Monica. It combines trade-specific functions—such as darkened editing bays—with interior spaces that play with color and light, in a nod to the company’s reputation for manipulating color in film.

Jury: “The spatial sequence is cinematic. The reel-like element that organizes the space changes as one moves through it, frame by frame, incorporating the various moods, lighting environments, theatrical clues, and subtle suggestion of movement through a process.”

Client: “Our goal was to create a space that was visually impactful and inspiring for our artists and clients alike, and to do this in a smart and effective way, so that the impression was not of limitless sums of money having been spent (which was not the case). Patrick exceeded our expectations and we could not have been more thrilled with his results.” —Mark Benson, CEO, the Moving Picture Co.


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Moving Picture Co.
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    8,200 sq ft


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