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NESE FABRIKASI (kindergarten)

Adıyaman Turkey



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What enhances learning, also enhances the community, Nese Fabrikasi’s was conceived with Fulya Sari’s premise that “awareness of community, place, and built environment starts by birth and continues in family and school. The way schools are built cannot be and should not be conceived of separately from community development and physical-structural environment. As community with its physical-social-structural environment is the 2nd curriculum. Social interactions, resource utilization and co-existence/co-nutrition should be reflected in both structural and educational signature of schools and their inhabitants.This philosophy is comprehensive and includes students, parents, teachers, and the community as a whole.”

Variety of settings to encourage circumstantial relationships:

The first people to learn at the Nese Fabrakasi will be active citizens in 2025 to 2105… how can this first learning experience enable these minds to flourish in our shared future.

The strategy is to help create a vibrant, future-oriented, and accessible learning, social and community environment.

Create a legacy, a school with a strong local presence with outreach to community and beyond

An interlinked complex framing the infinite and amplifying unity


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NESE FABRIKASI (kindergarten)
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    Alexis Sanal, Murat Sanal, Merve Akdağ Öner, Orkun Beydağı
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    1,850 sq m


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