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New York City Center

New York, NY United States

Ennead Architects


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This large-scale renovation of 2209 seat New York City Center reinvigorates the identity of one of New York City’s most venerable performing arts venues. The neo-Moorish building was originally constructed as the National Mecca Temple for the Shriners in 1923. In the late 1930’s, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia dedicated the hall to become the “peoples’ performance space.” The building has continued to serve this function for the past seventy years, providing a wide range of popular entertainments—dance, musical theater, music, and drama— filling an essential role in the performance landscape of New York City. The goal of our design is to preserve the essential character of New York City Center, while beautifully restoring and dramatically enhancing the theater with modern patron amenities.


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New York City Center
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