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Ningxia International Conference Center

Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region China



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Recently awarded through and international design competition, the new Ningxia International Conference Center will be the premier meeting, exposition, and performance center in central China as the heart of the Ningxia master plan development. The building will be an architectural landmark in the city. Rooted with concepts of local culture, yet conveying a strong Islamic identity, this iconic structure will symbolize the collaboration between the two worlds. Inspired by ancient Chinese metaphors and strong Islamic artistic patterns, this center becomes a harmonious merging of both cultures.

The design concept is inspired by both Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. The primary concept is the use of the circle and the square. In both cultures, pure geometries have had significant influence throughout history. In China, the ancient coin, for example, is a strong metaphor for harmony between heaven (the circle) and earth (the square). In the Muslim culture, the combination of the circle and the square is called the Mandala motif, and is recognized as the unifying intermediary between the materialism and the spiritual world.


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Ningxia International Conference Center
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    700,000 sq ft


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