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North Beach Malt House

San Francisco, CA United States

MBH Architects


Project Description

2004 RADA

Multifamily / Merit

In a previous life, the North Beach Malt House was home to several family-owned brewing companies. Today, the renovated building is the anchor of a four-building condo project that blends both old and new aesthetics.

The program called for conversion of the malt house into condo units and the addition of three new, Modern-style buildings. To that end, MBH Architects left the interior concrete walls of the malt house exposed, preserving its industrial roots. And the firm speced painted steel and aluminum windows to unify the old building with the new ones. "The fenestration and the width of the bays drew off the old building," says Mark Blunck, marketing coordinator.

The courtyard also exalts the project's industrial pedigree: The architects pulled the entry back and incorporated two existing grain silos--with one functioning as a lobby/courtyard entry. And the exterior is lit by red column fixtures that were once part of the plant's roasting drums. Our judges praised the "creative adaptive reuse" and lauded the "clearly delineated old and new sections."


Project Details

North Beach Malt House
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Project Team:
    F. Clay Fry, Principal In Charge; Ken Lidicker, Project Architect.
  • General Contractor: John Kugler 
  • Developer: Marc Fracio 
  • Landscape Architect: Clifton Lowe 
  • Interior Designer: F. Clay Fry 
  • Photographer: Farshid Assassi 


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