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NRG Insulated Block Buffalo Botanical Gardens Building

Buffalo, NY United States


Project Description

The building houses administration and a greenhouse next to the main building, which is listed on the National Historic Register.

The owner wanted 19th century charm and 21st century energy efficiency.

An NRG half-highblock was color-matched to six shades of antique brick that are in the walls of the main building.

Full-high NRG gray block references the stone of the main building's prominent chimney.


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NRG Insulated Block Buffalo Botanical Gardens Building
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    Bryce Bixby
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Specified Products

NRG Insulated Block

NRG Insulated Concrete Block is the only reinforceable masonry unit that meets the ASHRAE definition of continuous insulation.

NRG' s insulated thermal mass creates buildings that use less energy, and less expensive energy. NRG's exceptional thermal lag time (has been measured at up to 85 hours) allows for preheating and precooling of buildings to take advantage of off-peak utility rates.



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