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"Old Boulevard" restaurant

Batumi, Adjara Georgia


Project Description

The restaurant “Old Boulevard” is situated on the ground floor of one of the buildings in the central boulevard of Batumi. Its dining hall has two levels, a lower one with large windows and high ceilings, and a mezzanine that is more private and family space. An iron vestibule was installed to divide the entrance from the main hall.

The purpose of this project was to create a new restaurant’s interior in the historical center of Batumi that could become an attractive and remarkable place. In the same time we aimed to transmit the spirit of Georgian culture. The main theme of this interior is a sculptor’s studio, there are numerous elements related to it, such as plaster models and heads, potter's wheel, study drawings, portraits and photos. For the interior decoration we’ve also used the original Georgian square bricks manufactured about one hundred years ago. All other elements of the interior are designed and made by Belenko Design Studio.


Project Details

"Old Boulevard" restaurant
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Project Team:
    Denis Belenko, designer; Andrey Bondarenko, designer; Yulia Chernetskaya, architect; Pavel Babienko, visualizer and photogrpher; Olga Zotova, project coordinator
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Project Size:
    170 sq m


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