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Onward Reception Wall

Chicago, IL United States

Longo Park Design Workshop


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Jurors were smitten with the designers’ “clever use of exceptionally inexpensive materials” in this wall designed to have the names of participating firms in a coworking space inserted and removed cheaply. Coworking, a contemporary version of shared office space, can be a transitory setup for small enterprises. As they come and go by Onward Coworking, their logos can be traded into and out of the reception area’s main wall on interchangeable laser cut from typical mat board. Designed by the architects when they were tenants at Onward Coworking and completed for $2,500, the wall “sets the right tone,” a juror said. “These don’t read as cardboard elements, but they’re low-cost and appropriate for an environment that changes frequently.”

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Onward Reception Wall
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