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Patient Room 2020

New York, NY United States


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Patient Room 2020 is a next-generation healthcare design prototype of a safer, more streamlined, restorative, and engaging environment for patients, families, and caregivers.

Patient Room 2020 was developed by NXT Health, a nonprofit organization dedicated to collaborative design innovation for the improvement of the patient experience and the optimization of caregiver performance. The Room draws on the resources of architects, designers, healthcare professionals, and building product manufacturers to solve some of the greatest functional and aesthetic challenges facing in-patient healthcare facilities. The prototype hospital room is now open for viewing at the DuPont™ Corian® Design Studio in New York City.


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Patient Room 2020
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    David Ruthven, principal designer
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Specified Products

Bendheim Houdini™ Glass

Houdini is a specialized Bendheim decorative glass simultaneously delivering the benefits of privacy and daylight. The low-iron glass lets in maximum light, while its fine, micro-ribbed surface reduces glare and effectively obscures the shapes and activities behind it. Laminated with a white interlayer to complement the contemporary palette of the room, Houdini Glass adds brilliance to the space. Its refined linear pattern emphasizes the project’s streamlined aesthetic.

Bendheim Decorative Glass

The bathroom’s shower enclosure was designed with Bendheim’s translucent teal colored safety tempered-and-laminated glass. The elegant color was selected from a variety of custom hues Bendheim developed specifically for the project.



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