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Innsbruck Austria

ma hoRe architects


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Approached by a private landlord, ma hoRe architects were appointed to develop the design for the extension of a building in Innsbruck that consists of office spaces in the ground floor as well as apartments in the upper levels.

The local building law is defining the maximum height of buildings in that specific area of Innsbruck and that became the main criterion that influenced the design strategy of the architects.

Reducing the ceiling height up to 2.30 meters fulfilled the regulations from a legal point of view but simultaneously brought up the obvious problem of spatial/inhabitable quality of living.

The limited space needed to be bent and unfold.Cutting the roof and swinging out the ceiling created a new space, that is not only flooded by natural light but also it generated a rooftop landscape, ready to welcome a sunny terrace. Furthermore a 'samba' stair, dancing up the roof, consists of a strong design element together with the main volume of the extension, that respects the existing building and contours.

Glulam [glued laminated timber] elements together with fiber reinforced concrete panels reduced both weight and time of construction. Zinc coated steel for the stairs completed the concept of materials close to nature. The inner dry wall elements were painted white in line with the bright and open atmosphere.


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    Andreas Hoerl, Robert Reichkendler
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    178 sq m


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