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Prototype Housing Unit Porte-au Prince Haiti

Port-au-Prince Haiti

Luckenbach/Ziegelman Architects PLLC


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This prototypical modular unit is part of an eight-plex configuration that was developed for building efficiency and cost efficiency along with richness of exterior spances while creating an urban density. The design embraces sustainable features for natural ventilation, recycled materials, captured rainwater, re-locatable structure and solare for cooking (optional).

The transportable modules are both building enclosures and shipping containers.They can be fully assembles off site by Haitian workers in a controlles environent to facilitate high performance as compared to the chaotic conditions that persist for site building in Haiti.

this translates into lower costs, higher production and developement of a Haitian industry.

The basic structure consists of a rigisd structural steel frame 12 feet wide by 36 feet long by 10 feet high, divided into standard vertical and horizontal sub-bays. Esch module is self sufficient for lighting, plumbing, finishes and as a shipping container Any number of standard building units can be combined to facilitate use as a single residence, duplex, four-plex, eight-plex, and high rise. The floors are concrete, walls; stucco on insulated steel studs, ceilings are wood boards under rigid insulation. Doors/windows are sliding louvered mahogany. The modules are designed to withstand the effects of eathquakes and hurricanes. The one bedroom 432 sq ft unit is under $25,000.00.


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Prototype Housing Unit Porte-au Prince Haiti
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  • General Contractor: Tom Hitz, Dan Mooney, AIA, Robert L. Ziegelman, FAIA 
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    700 sq ft
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