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Putnam Madison Housing (Infill Housing Prototype)

Brooklyn, NY United States


Project Description

Also known as “The Cornerstone Project,” Putnam Madison Housing was built using the design guidelines established by the Prospect Gardens infill prototype that RKT&B developed in collaboration with CPC Resources, Inc. The prototype was in response to the challenge of finding a means for utilizing the numerous vacant sites in New York for use as affordable housing. Putnam Madison consists of 48 apartments in seven different buildings on 4 lots, totaling approximately 60,000 s.f.

Because of the size of the building only one stair is required. This stair, a key design element, was conceived as a vertical extension of the street. Since it is on the front of the building a strong visual connection is created between it and the street. This aspect also helps to alleviate the tedium of climbing the stair and promotes strong sense of security since it can constantly be viewed from the street.


Project Details

Putnam Madison Housing (Infill Housing Prototype)
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Project Team:
    Carmi Bee, Managing Partner
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Project Size:
    60,000 sq ft


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