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Resort in Maldives




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The five-star resort, which will accommodate 100 guests year round, invites the clientle to experience both the luxurious settings and the innovative energy-saving techniques, making this destination more than a typical beach getaway. The burden of global CO2 reduction lies primarily with a few large economies, however achieving carbon neutrality on this small island nation could be a template for future developments in larger countries.

The island is approximately 12.6 acres with occupiable interior space of 123,000 sq. ft. It’s been determined that 67,000 sq. ft. of solar panels, with a storage battery generating 900 kw on an average sunny day, is sufficient to serve 100 guests and 100 staff occupying the resort at any time. 200 people occupying a 12.6-acre island is equivalent to the population density of Miami. In theory, if Miami and other cities in Florida could delegate 12% of their land or rooftops to solar panels, the sunshine would give the state of Florida something more than just a nickname—clean energy.


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Resort in Maldives
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    Yuji Yamazaki, Architect; Ahmed Saleem, Architect of Record
  • Solar System: T&D Water Technology 
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    123,000 sq ft


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