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Rethinking the Need for Emergency Department Beds

United States

Lennon Associates


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2013 National Healthcare Design Awards

Category D: Innovations in Planning and Design Research, Built and Unbuilt


The project was to reduce the number of beds, staff and patient waiting times in a major teaching hospital emergency department while at the same time, increase patient safety and comfort. This study concluded that 60% of emergency department patients did not need to be in a bed, but could be seen in a less intense setting. Building less beds, needs less staff and requires a new physical layout to accommodate the new patient flow. That gave rise to new possibilities of enhanced patient spaces with amenities resembling that of airline first class accommodations. Computer simulations were liberally used to establish the size and staffing required for the new patient flow model. That was further buttressed by physical trials using actual patients.


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Rethinking the Need for Emergency Department Beds
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