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Rhombic D

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Ryerson University Master of Architecture


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Composed of interlocking geometric modules, the canopy and food cart form a singular gesture in the alleyway to celebrate a communal sharing of food. From afar, a marquee floats above the heads of the evening’s guests, projecting a presence of activity below. Approaching closer, a precinct is exposed as guests beneath the shelter engage in the bustling atmosphere of the night market. Amongst the feasting, the shelter reaches the ground and the evening’s sponsors reveal themselves for a sharing of their finest offerings – a collective partaking in the spirit of food.

This project was the result of collaboration amongst thirteen Ryerson University Master of Architecture students. Under the supervision of Professor Arthur Wrigglesworth for the Spring/Summer 2012 term, the student team spent three weeks designing and building in support of the Stop’s Night Market – a fundraising event held in the Honest Ed’s alleyway and parking lot on June 20, 2012. Amid nearly thirty food and drink sponsors at the event, the installation was paired with the boutique oyster catering company, Neptuno, to help raise funds for the Stop, a not-for-profit group dedicated to increasing access to healthy food within the local community.


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Rhombic D
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    Negar Birjandi, Damineh Dehnadfar, Dorna Ghorashi, Aaron Hendershott, Kyrylo Lobach, Pegah Rategh, Karl Sarkis, Jacob Shank, Michael Suriano, Razmig Titizian, Joanna Truong, Aamna Zaheer, Arkadiusz Zjawin & Professor Arthur Wrigglesworth
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