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Riverbend Angler

Fort Smith, MT United States

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The River Bend Angler Resort overlooks the Bighorn River near the Town of Fort Smith, Montana. A former cavalry outpost, the remotely located Fort Smith is a small, quiet, agriculturally based town with a population of 122. However, its access to world renowned fishing allows it to supportthree fly-fishing shops, a few small lodges and one restaurant. The Resort currently has two existing cabins that can each sleep up to eight fishermen comfortably. This design proposes three additional units for smaller parties which includes a kitchenette, sleeping space and a livingspace for one to two visitors. Anglers hold a great respect for the environment and place, The River Bend Angler Resort reflects these values withan flexible plan, sustainable features and a vernacular reinterpreted modern.


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Riverbend Angler
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    Mike Piche
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