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Salzburg Central Train Station

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A recent renovation brings a revitalized look and shopping mall to the Salzburg Central Train Station in Salzburg, Austria. With the help of SEFAR® Architecture’s TENARA® Fabric, the station was able to keep its elegant, arched roofing that dates back to 1908 while bringing natural light to the previously dark transit corridors.

The Salzburg local line is one of the oldest and most important modes of transportation in the city’s Flachgau region. It connects nearly 15,000 people on the 35-kilometer line between Salzburg and surrounding towns. The Central Train Station’s new shopping mall will incorporate modern amenities into a historic space.

The 4T40HF TENARA Fabric roof from SEFAR Architecture was installed so that just external loads – snow and wind – will be transferred onto the existing steel construction at precisely determined points. The result is a well-lit commercial space that preserves the much-loved, classic appearance of the train station.

The roof also provides light transmission, durability, weather resistance and flame resistance. It covers a total area of 1,700 square meters, providing protection from the elements and natural light due to its 38% light transmission.

The construction process involved dismantling the 250 ton steel hanger and reconstructing it so that the two roof arches that were originally separated are now riveted directly together. The roof arches are now fitted with 24 single panels of TENARA Fabric. The panels are arranged lengthwise in sections with girders and rafters running from the eaves to the roof ridge. The eaves feature snow guards fitted to the membrane construction.

The translucent white membrane is woven from high-strength expanded ePTFE fluoropolymers, and is also fluoropolymer-coated, making PTFE inherent in the material. This provides the fabric with the ability to flex and fold without wear or losing strength. The material will also not crack, crease or develop mold or mildew while stored.

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Members of the project team include architect kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen, Germany, engineer Tichelmann & Barillas Ingenieure. Darmstadt, Germany, assembly/implementation Temme Upper Meier GmbH, Raubling, Germany and general contractor Zeman & Co GmbH, Vienna, Austria.

About SEFAR Architecture: SEFAR Architecture is a leading manufacturer of monofilament precision and ePTFE yarn fabrics and fabric systems for interior and exterior architectural applications. With comprehensive knowledge in textile architecture, Sefar has cooperated with experienced lighting technicians and polymer experts to develop a new generation of fabrics for the architectural and design community. For more information on SEFAR Architecture’s products and services, call Peter Katcha at 727-388-4919 or visit


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Salzburg Central Train Station
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    Tichelmann & Barillas Ingenieure, Temme Upper Meier GmbH, Zeman & Co GmbH
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