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Sanctuary - Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Port Townsend, WA United States

Terrapin Architecture


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The Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship began work in 1997 on a building to house worship services and religious education. With the opening of the building, the congregation immediately grew and it soon became obvious that more space would eventually be needed. In 2007, the team of Richard Berg Architects and Wallyworks Construction was selected to design and build a new addition that would include a larger sanctuary, foyer, office space, restrooms, and kitchen. The existing sanctuary would become the social hall. Although larger than the original building, the addition seamlessly unites with the earlier structure to create a pleasing composition through architectural form and similar detailing. Special attention was paid to the acoustical characteristics of the new sanctuary which is used extensively as a musical performance venue.

The design approach for this worship space was to use the structural system for supporting the large spans as a way to provide visual interest and beauty in the large room. Wooden trusses are ideally suited for providing an aesthetically pleasing ceiling, and at the same time make for a very cost-effective structural system. The natural wooden columns bring the same beauty that they possess in the forest into the interior of the sanctuary, celebrating this congregation's appreciation of nature as a manifestation of design.


Project Details

Sanctuary - Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
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    Richard Berg, Lead Designer, Kevin Mattson, Timber Frame Designer, Malcolm Dorn, Contractor, Bart Needham, Structural Engineer, Amy Dahlberg, Architectural Designer
  • Civil Engineer: Joshua Horky 
  • Acoustical Consultant: Gary Cook 
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    6,000 sq ft
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