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Sandy High School

Sandy, OR United States

Dull Olson Weekes, IBI Group Architects


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Breathtakingly detailed as a public school, Sandy High School sets very high standards in terms of materials, finishes and aesthetics. Sitting lightly on the land, the building allows nature to penetrate the campus. It takes advantage of the hillside and creates panoramic views while nestling comfortably on the contours. Visible green roofs below adjacent classrooms add to hillside views while remaining roof areas are opportunities for power generation. Transparency between classrooms and common areas is executed boldly, with floor to ceiling glass suggesting a confidence with the user groups. Single loaded corridors were used to great effect by allowing natural light into both sides of learning spaces. Exterior treatments reflect the region in a wonderful and indigenous way and incorporate pleasant verandas with deep overhangs. The usable space per student and color combinations contribute to and promote student development.

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Sandy High School
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