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Seeberger Office Renovation

Houston, TX United States


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When Seeberger Architecture, local Houston design firm felt the time was right to retrofit their recently acquired office, ideas abounded. Housed in a 1980’s parallelogram shaped glass building, the rigid interior was dark and constricting. The team desired an open and bright workspace, one that would permit fluid movement throughout. A complete interior demolition was necessary for the 5,000 square foot structure. The new office space would promote and encourage the collective by breaking down boundaries figuratively and literally.

Beginning with the existing glass box, considering the surroundings and mature landscaping was an integral part of the design process. To capitalize on the filtered light provided by the existing trees; the perimeter was opened, pulling the required utilities inwards to a form a core. The core supports the central Hub, a circular interchange from which all programed areas extend. The gradual expansion of radiating bands from the hub results in a ripple effect. Curved walls, corridors, flooring and environmental graphics reinforce this movement and propelling you through the space.

The Hub houses the reception area as well as the multipurpose collaborative and social gathering settings. Immediately adjacent to these public spaces are the formal Conference Room and Resource Library. The adjoining band also encompasses the secondary Meeting Room which is designed to promote interaction and a spontaneous exchange of ideas.

The outermost band contains the private design studio. Positioned along the building’s perimeter the open floor plan maximizes the natural light and views of the existing oak trees. To help develop an individual work space, yet inspire teamwork, low profile work stations were selected. The design studio is capped by two private offices which creates an informal transition from the private work area to the public spaces.

To further support the firm’s collaborative ideals, writable and pinnable surfaces where placed throughout the office to offer areas for impromptu discussions and brainstorming sessions. To endorse a sustainable work environment, major strides where taken to upgrade the buildings efficiency in energy and water consumption.


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Seeberger Office Renovation
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    Seeberger Architecture
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    5,000 sq ft
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