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Senior Living Facility

Wichita, KS United States


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Senior living facility in Wichita, Kansas. I am posting the project to feature EnergyEdge products. EnergyEdge products were used to meet energy codes for slab edge insulation- although there are no energy codes in this area it doesn't mean we shouldn't design and build responsibly. In buildings with individual living quarters (senior homes, student housing, hotels, etc.) it is important consider the energy performance of individual units as well as the building as a whole. EnergyEdge will make the perimeter areas of this project more efficient and comfortable for the residence.


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Senior Living Facility
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Specified Products

EnergyEdge, LLC Energy Edge FB Rail / Slab Edge Insulation

EnergyEdge products allow for foundation insulation to be placed on the exterior side of the foundation wall. The actual product occurs from grade to the wall system. In this application it was the concrete form, provided insulation and protects and finishes the otherwise exposed edge.



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