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Shade Platform

Phoenix, AZ United States


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The project started as a re-roofing project. The existing roof of the historic Maricopa County Security Center Building had deteriorated under an ill-considered addition of turf after being made into an accessible space with a 1958 penthouse addition. Wanting to enhance the usability of the space and provide much needed urban shade, we proposed an elevated deck that engaged the historic structure strategically, adorning the roof with a contemporary counterpoint to the building’s Renaissance Revivalist style. Utilizing modular and prefabricated building techniques, a steel frame was erected to span the existing roof deck and tie into the existing structural columns. Structural steel planks span the elevated frame to define the platform, and glass rails optimize views. To create shade and expedite construction, a series of standard aluminum tubes in a variety of standard colors were arranged vertically and horizontally around the south and west platform edges. The mottled effect of the randomly distributed four colors brings depth to the enclosing surfaces. Whether from the glass rail or integrated bench, the penthouse deck offers clear views of the immediate downtown and distant mountains. The platform’s ample size maximizes flexibility, enabling the space to host a variety of gatherings.


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Shade Platform
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