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Shihao Center

Chengdu China

MulvannyG2 Architecture


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Chengdu, China - Still in the master planning phase, Shihao Center is located in the heart of the new central business district in Chengdu, one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centers in Western China. Featuring an existing city plaza, major city park, and ring roads on and near the site, the location is challenging due to its traffic diagram, yet full of potential. MulvannyG2 teamed with world-renowned Helmet Jahn to create a large-scale mixed-use development that ties the various pre-built site conditions with a new 4.3 million square foot retail-focused live/work environment. Our design solution divides the various uses (office and hotel/residential) into two major sites with a retail center spanning the ring-road, creating a unified shopping center. This solution also gives the client the option to divide the site’s ownership in the future while creating a circular indoor/outdoor retail environment. The residential and hotel towers engage the park to the north, while the offices focus on major street access at to the east. The design unifies the central business district and provides a powerful and recognizable symbol to the Chengdu skyline.


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Shihao Center
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