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Shonto Public Services Facility

Shonto, AZ United States


Project Description

The Shonto Public Services Complex design represents the challenging integration of multi-functional and multi-disciplinary spatial needs where Navajo traditional way of life is balanced with modern opportunities, becoming the origin of Community self- empowerment to become ‘Self-sufficient’. The complex provides a proactive scenario where a physical place, will provide the basis for a sustained community well-being.

The building structure is being designed as walls that emerge from the same ground, utilizing rammed earth construction, a technology that has a strong cultural and sustainable approach.

This building will incorporate several renewable energy and sustainability practices such as rain water harvesting, solar systems for all lighting, air quality control measures, high efficiency equipment for HVAC, xeriscape, among others.


Project Details

Shonto Public Services Facility
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Project Team:
    Carlos A Murrieta, AIA
  • Civil Engineer: CVL Consulting Engineers 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Applied Engineering 
  • Plumbing Engineer: Applied Engineering 
  • Structural Engineer: Caruso Turley Scott 
  • Electrical Engineer: Electrical Design Consultants, Inc. 
  • Landscape Architect: CVL Consulting Engineers 
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Project Size:
    45,266 sq ft
Construction Cost:

Specified Products

Solarwall Solarwall Air Heating

Ventilation Air pre-heating system it's being utilized at all the public areas of the facility, minimizing energy use during cold weather season.



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