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SHoP Proposal for Penn Station and Madison Square Garden

New York, NY United States

SHoP Architects


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We are thrilled to be invited to participate in the MAS Design Challenge to rethink Penn

Station and its environs. SHoP's plan imagines an expanded main hall of Penn Station as a

bright, airy and easily navigable space that defines a center of a new destination district,

Gotham Gateway. In addition to striking public architecture, the project proposes

significant security and rail capacity improvements that address major needs at the existing

station. The team proposes new development, as well as new parks and amenities, around

the station to help defray the required public investment, including an extension of the High

Line that connects the new station to a glorious and financeable new Madison Square



Project Details

SHoP Proposal for Penn Station and Madison Square Garden
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  • Structural Engineer: Buro Happold 
  • Environmental Engineering: Buro Happold 
  • Blast and Security: Weidlinger and Associates 
  • Writer and Consultant: James Sanders 


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