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SOCAR Rest Stop

Lochini Georgia

J. Mayer H. Architects


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From ARCHITECT, November 2013

J. Mayer H. Architects in Georgia, by Ian Volner:

The third rest stop in the series is located outside Tbilisi and was completed earlier this year. Still following the typology of creating a sculptural awnings over the main volumes, which house gas pumps, a cashier, and a small store, this newest iteration is far lighter-toned in material and more curvaceous in form than the articulated massing of the rest stops found outside Gori. There may be regional inflections or other circumstances at play in the change in the design, but the basic vocabulary is the same, as is the overarching architectural premise: The design language of the various stations is the first step in establishing “a kit of parts” that can be made to suit any location along Georgia’s highways.

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SOCAR Rest Stop
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    Jürgen Mayer H., Paul Angelier, Danny te Kloese
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