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Solar Tower

Sabadell Spain


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The project evaluates the evolution of the energy landscapes over the centuries and its great

influence on evolution of cities and their growing impact on the enviroment, the loss of energy

in an open system which allows transportation from far away production locations, and

proposes, after an analysis of the city and a detailed study of consumption, sunlight and

production possibilities, a small infrastructure-building to produce electricity, food and heat in

a clean and sustainable way. The electricity produced by high-efficiency photovoltaic panels

will be used to provide housing, shops and a charging station for electric bicycles and electric

cars to enhance clean mobility. Each tower has four floors to generate small urban gardens in

elevated trays as a productive landscape for senior citizens, unemployed, youth, schools and

other associations. From these small urban gardens, small local markets can be created and

evolve into a whole network of markets.

In total, the project plans to place 24 towers in the city of Sabadell, mainly on roundabouts,

pedestrian areas and major service areas, promoting equitable access to energy and urban

gardens and encouraging energy development in the city equitably. This implementation

could produce electricity exclusively to supply the annual consumption of 400 households.


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Solar Tower
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Project Team:
    Alejandro Ribas Mercau, Angel Cerezo Cerezo, Martin Negri Rodriguez


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