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Storage Barn

New Haven, CT United States

Gray Organschi Architecture


Project Description

The Storage Barn is a utilitarian storage rack wrapped around an 800-square-foot workshop and storage barn for riding mowers, power washers, compressors, and the like. Tightly packed and palletized stone and wood are stored on flexible external shelves that allow easy access to each pallet without having to disturb the others around it. Sheltering the entire structure is a lightweight, translucent, 72-by-28-foot roof canopy that provides an evenly daylit interior workspace and weather-protected storage. Tubular steel columns form the basic structure, which is supported by diagonal bracing and a continuous steel frame located at the bay door. Cantilevered from the columns on the building’s exterior are a series of beefy shelf standards holding galvanized steel grates that support the pallets of materials. Seen from the outside, the barn is a rough and intriguing mosaic of wood and stone, which contrasts with the bright, smooth polycarbonate panel walls. A perforated-steel stair leads down to a basement-level storage/mechanical room.

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Project Details

Storage Barn
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Elizabeth Gray; Alan Organschi; Thomas Sawyer, project architect
  • Structural Engineer: Edward Stanley Engineers 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Beacon Mechanical Service 
  • Geothermal Engineer: Beacon Mechanical Service 
  • Solar Energy Design: Spire Solar 
  • Construction: Catalpa Land Management 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Project Size:
    1,200 sq ft

Specified Products

Spire Solar Photovoltaic Panels

For the rooftop array, Gray Organschi specified the Spire Solar Chicago SS85 photovoltaic system because the silicon cells are integrated with the glazing panel, combining the daylighting function of the skylights with the energy production of the photo­voltaic cells. The translucent PV panels allow even, natural illumination of the building’s workspaces while reducing solar heat gain by removing energy from the sunlight.

Wilson Doors Bi-Fold Door

The horizontal bi-fold garage door by Wilson Doors eliminates the interference of interior overhead support structure and the operating mechanisms of more conventional garage door systems. By lifting outside the building, the door also does not block the skylights inside. A winch mounted at the top of the door assembly lifts the bottom edge of the lower door panel, which rides against a steel track that frames the door opening.



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