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Summer House

Minsk, Minsk region Belarus


Project Description

Summer House, located in Minsk.

The Summer House is a captivating wooden construction with beams that allow the sun to stream in and boards that make it an ideal recreational home in those wonderful summer months. Its mesmeric glazed exterior has a terrace underneath. This sort of functional lightness and transparency allows the space to reflect the natural surroundings. It’s definitely a sight for sore eyes. You’re most likely to spend time outside, barbequing and gazing at it in marvel than inside, looking out! However, when you do decide to call it a day and retreat inside, you’ll find its insulation up your alley for those chilly nights.


Project Details

Summer House
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Project Team:
    Krautsou Andrei, Project Architect; Puhach Yuliya, Project Architect
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Project Size:
    12 sq m


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