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Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center

Tacoma, WA United States

J.R. Miller & Associates


Project Description

The 83,590-square-foot Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center in Tacoma, WA receives, sorts and transfers municipal solid waste and separates recyclable materials. The facility also houses administrative offices, a maintenance shop and a suspended observation mezzanine.

The project designers aimed to meet current design standards and regulations while increasing facility capacity and providing operational flexibility. The project was completed ahead of schedule, 20 percent under budget and achieved a LEED® Gold rating by scoring high in the construction waste management, indoor air quality and recycled materials categories.


Project Details

Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center
Shared by:
  • General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction Co. 
  • Engineer: HDR Engineering 
  • Metal Frame Provider: Varco Pruden Buildings 
  • Metal Installer: CHG Buildings Systems Inc., 

Specified Products

Metal Sales TLC-1 panels, TLC-2 panels

One of the largest and most eco-friendly clear-span buildings in Washington state features more than 8,000 square feet of metal wall and soffit panels from Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation.

Metal Sales ENERGY STAR® listed paint colors reflect a significant amount of solar heat energy and reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling. The panels are also 100% recyclable and contain up to 30% recycled material.

The concealed fastener metal panels lend elegance to the structure’s exterior. TLC-2 panels with two pencil ribs in 22-gauge steel and painted a custom Serapi Green are applied vertically and horizontally between columns to evoke visual interest through variety.

Horizontal 22-gauge TLC-1 flat panels in Metallic Silver create seamless outside corners and completely obscure the columns from external view. Exterior metal panels also form parapets to conceal roof-mounted mechanical equipment.



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