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Terry Trueblood Lodge

Iowa City, IA United States

ASK Studio


Project Description

The project is an assemblage of indoor

and outdoor gathering spaces with

lobby, storage, kitchen, and

bathrooms functions. The structure is

sited on the edge of a placid lake and

serves as the origin to the park

experience. The language of the

structure is intended to be familiar. The

materials of stone, wood and copper

are common and readily encoded as

harmonious with the natural setting.

The frame of the building is a clear

agenda of timber frame repetition.

This frame is the constant of the

structure embracing gatherings inside

and out. The spaces are seen as one

through a common syntax. The wall

planes are used as the expressions of

invitations and motivators of

movement. The walls are the drama

woven into the drone of the structure.

The stone walls serve as a threshold to

the spaces while providing frame and

focus. Copper walls insert through an

offset in the stone wall to guide visitors

to the structure. The result is a layered

façade which grows out from the core


The project is an amalgam of what is

known, understood and expected with

moments of revelation. The common

language can be appreciated by all

and understood through consideration

by some.


Project Details

Terry Trueblood Lodge
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Firm Name:
  • Civil Engineer: Snyder & Associates 
  • Structural Engineer: Shuck-Britson, Inc. 
  • General Contractor: Tricon Construction Group 
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Project Size:
    5,900 sq ft


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