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The Bullitt Center

Seattle, WA United States

The Miller Hull Partnership, LLC


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Located in the heart of the Central District in Seattle, WA, the Bullitt Center is a six-story, 50,000 square-foot net zero energy building. The facility is being constructed to meet the goals of the Living Building Challenge, a green building certification program that claims to define the most advanced measure of sustainability in commercial construction today.


Project Details

The Bullitt Center
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  • Engineers: DCI Engineers 
  • developer: Point32 
  • General Contractor: Schuchart 
  • Metal Panel Installer: Northshore Sheet Metal Inc. 
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Specified Products

Metal Sales TLC-1 panels

The Bullitt Center features 18,000 square-feet of Metal Sales™ 20 gauge TLC-1 wall panels. The panels have a long life span, are 100% recyclable and contain a high percentage of recycled material. These sustainable attributes contribute to the goals of the Bullitt Center consistent with its participation in the Living Building Challenge.

Imperative 11 of The Living Building Challenge requires that manufacturers disclose the contents of their products to ensure that they are not on the Red List, a ‘worst in class’ group of materials and chemicals that have been identified to be phased out of production due to health/toxicity concerns.

The Bullitt Center project team needed to specify products made without Red List materials and chemicals while meeting structural and aesthetic goals. Metal Sales wall panels satisfied both requirements.

The design team held aesthetics as a key feature of the building. Each exterior wall of the building has floor-to-ceiling windows. Filling the space between the windows are Metal Sales panels in a Galvalume® finish that are installed vertically and create a clean, angular aesthetic. The metal wall panels and windows work together to create vertical lines that give the building perceived additional height.



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