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The Charmer

San Diego, CA United States

Jonathan Segal, FAIA


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Architect, Builder, and Developer Jonathan Segal, FAIA and his team built a multifamily award-winning project called “The Charmer” in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. The Charmer is a pedestrian-friendly, modern designed courtyard apartment complex with 19 residential units and five thousand square feet of commercial space. All parking is at grade, and while some spaces are covered to comply with local requirements, most residents park in the landscaped courtyard which was paved with Soil Retention’s Drivable Grass®. “The Charmer” won the 2012 residential architect Project of the Year!


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The Charmer
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    Jonathan Segal, Principal in Charge, General Contractor, Developer, Land Planner, Landscape Designer and Interior Designer; Matthew Segal, Project Designer; Andrew Duncan, Stucco Consultant
  • Other: Berena Pena 
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Specified Products

Soil Retention Drivable Grass®

DRIVABLE GRASS® is a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system that is environmentally friendly and a beautiful alternative to poured concrete and asphalt. DRIVABLE GRASS® is designed to flex and conform, and will not crack or break like rigid concrete, or pop up and wear like plastic paving. DRIVABLE GRASS® offers a simple and reliable solution to storm water management through biofiltration, infiltration, and storage while not sacrificing valuable site area. DRIVABLE GRASS® promotes superior root penetration and moisture containment beneath the product, resulting in healthy turf. DRIVABLE GRASS® offers the same strength and durability as conventional pavers and has a concrete compressive strength of 5,000 psi. There are many infill options with DRIVABLE GRASS® including grass, gravel, sod, ground cover, sand, dirt, bark, rocks, and artificial grass. DRIVABLE GRASS® can be used for a wide variety of applications including driveways, parking areas, fire lanes, pathways, access roads, green roofs, slope armor, trickle channels, stream bank installation, culvert outlets, bioswales, ditches, RV and boat storage, golf card paths, drainage channels, and more. And, DRIVABLE GRASS® qualifies for numerous LEED credits.



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