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The Club For Modern Fashions

Chicago, IL United States

Vinci Hamp Architects


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A temporary Miesian pavilion inserted within the Arts Club of Chicago in 2013 was a hit with jurors, one of whom dubbed it “an expressive vitrine.” Conceived as a container for an exhibit on modernist style called “Two Clubs at the Arts Club of Chicago,” the 12-by-16-foot demountable wood and glass structure stood near an authentic Mies structure, the club’s staircase, and looked like an isolated bay in one of his buildings. Stocked with modernist furniture, the box helped visitors appreciate the fashions being shown in their vintage context, as if in a stylish living room of the day. The pavilion framed the exhibit expertly by blending with its subject, jurors agreed. In addition, one juror applauded the fact that the pavilion was elevated on a recessed, unseen base “to reinforce the lightness of the Miesian box.”

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The Club For Modern Fashions
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    192 sq ft


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