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The Feldner Project

Santa Cruz, CA United States


Project Description

Envisioned as a 'Gift to the Future' and a 'Canvas for a Community', Feldner wanted a 'factory for living' approach. The project was to showcase alternative energy and design in an aesthetically pleasing and integrated way, not as something attached to the building upon completion.

The building takes it's setting into careful consideration and used the sun, wind, views, and storms to actually form the massing of the building. The structure is celebrated as the architecture.

The project has hosted many Community College classes and art shows since it's inception, living up to it's educational and community minded goals. It has also played host to an Open Architecture Tour that benefitted Habitat for Humanity.

Mr. Feldner's vision was for local craftsmen to have a place to showcase their work.

The project shows the best work of many local builders and subs and has become the "talk of the town".

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Project Details

The Feldner Project
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Frank Phanton, Bob Dumont, Dale Tracy, Rickey Feldner
  • Civil Engineer: Luke Beautz 
  • Structural Engineer: Brad Streeter 
  • General Contractor: Dale Tracy 
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Joe Rafferty 
  • Landscape Architect: SallyStoik 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Patt Splitt 
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Project Status:
Year Completed:
Green Certifications:


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