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The New Building Project of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts on Khodynka Field

Moscow Russian Federation

A.Len Architect Bureau


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The project team of the new building of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts was inspired by the Russian suprematism – one of the most important periods in the history of the Russian art of the 20th century. We reinterpret supremacist values and forms in the project and we transfer plane pieces of art to volume and spatial composition. The result of our architectural supremacist improvisations is a building which consists of simple volume figures connected by galleries. The wall all round the project site separates the museum and its territory from the outside world.

This laconic covering of the building is associated with an empty canvas, which emphasizes contrast between the simple external form and complicated internal volumes. The external solid covering rises like a curtain, which opens to the viewer the whole composition of the building.

Each volume of the complex has its own function: a main public space, an exhibition space, a collection center, service premises, creative residences.

The principle of the walled in perimeter without an upper covering allows to make green accessible roofs of the main blocks and to lay out a park around the whole territory of the center, thus creating an open and at the same time isolated zone. The public territory is adapted for the exposition of large-size sculptures, modern installations. The modern art, being inside at the same time outside the building, creates a new type of the «live» and open museum and exhibition space which changes depending on the exposition.


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The New Building Project of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts on Khodynka Field
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    S. Oreshkin - Project Manager; R. Andreeva - Project Chief Architect; B. Lvovskiy, D.Zheghulina, I. Prokopenko - Architects
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