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The Terry Thomas

Seattle, WA United States

Weber Thompson


Project Description

The Terry Thomas is a highly sustainable, LEED Gold for Core and Shell certified commercial building located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Designer Weber Thompson’s offices in the building are LEED Platinum for Commercial Interiors certified. Wrapped in windows, it is a building designed along a modern aesthetic with a combination of time-tested strategies from the pre-HVAC era and complimentary new technologies. It is Seattle’s first commercial office building structure developed in decades without central air conditioning and is a working demonstration of the possibilities of sustainable design.

Sustainable Strategies used in the design of the building include:

· Passive cooling through natural cross ventilation enhanced by operable windows,

automated louvers, shallow floor plates and a courtyard “chimney.”

· Additional cooling provided by exterior fixed and adjustable sunshades and a light

colored roof.

· Healthy indoor air quality through low-emitting materials, CO2 sensors and no urea


· 45 – 50% water savings through storm water drainage system, efficient plumbing

fixtures and waterless urinals.

· Efficient use of materials, recyclable materials and materials with recycled content.

· Shallow floor plate depths and high ceilings allow natural light to penetrate the interior

of the office.

· Controlled lighting through photoelectric eyes to measure amount of sunlight,

occupancy/motion sensors allow 35% reduction of wattage per square foot.

· 94% of all demolition and construction waste diverted from landfill through salvage

and recycling.


Project Details

The Terry Thomas
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    Weber Thompson
  • General Contractor: RAFN Company 
  • Civil Engineer: DCI Engineers 
  • Structural Engineer: DCI Engineers 
  • Commercial Leasing Agent: Stephen C. Grey + Associates 


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