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The Wave

Chicago United States

dSPACE Studio


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The Wave is three-dimensional art that is simultaneously a bench, chaise longue, picnic table, laptop station, and playground. Part of the City of Chicago’s “Make Way for People” initiative, wherein parking spots are taken over as “People Spots” for pedestrians, the structure invites social interaction from passersby with its undulating form. Nine aluminum planters with cable rail infill evoke a park-like setting and enclose the area from street traffic. Made from 316 unique “fins,” cut from 4-by-8-foot sheets of marine-grade mahogany plywood, the object is fastened together by stainless steel rods with concealed bolts. “It is refreshing to see something so expressive with the space,” a juror said. “It’s good design which animates the heart of the city,” another juror added.


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The Wave
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