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Town and Country Foods

Bozeman United States

Van Bryan Studio Architects


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Metal Sales™ brings a fresh new look to the Town and Country Foods complex in Bozeman, MT. The facility, which also houses corporate offices, a lounge, restaurant/bar area, and retail space for Bling Wireless, a communication and satellite equipment store, is outfitted with 9,377 square feet of Metal Sales T6-A wall panels in a bright Antique Patina.

Located in southern Bozeman, the facility stands on the site of a former 8-plex movie theater. Community zoning laws required that the bulk of the existing 1950’s cinema structure remain intact. Van Bryan Studio Architects responded to this challenge by giving the squat building more height, using the vertical lines of Metal Sales panels to assist in the visual and physical transformation.


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Town and Country Foods
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Specified Products

Metal Sales T6-A - Wall panels

The T6-A panels were produced in the Fontana, CA branch and shipped to Bozeman easily and efficiently. With branches also located in nearby Spokane, WA and Longmont, CO, the project team was very familiar with Metal Sales, and the decision to use their panels was unanimous.

Metal Sales T6-A wall panels are available in 24, 22, 20, and 18 gauge in a variety of finishes and ENERGY STAR® listed colors. T6-A offers 36” panel coverage at 1.5” rib height with trapezoidal ribs and exposed fastener panel. The panels chosen for the Town and Country Foods complex are 24 gauge Galvalume® Steel and feature a shimmering PVDF (Kynar 500®) Antique Patina color coating.



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