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University of Minnesota Football Locker Room



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“Our previous lockers looked outdated and it was also time to update their functionality,” says Andy Harris, Assistant Director of Football Equipment at the University of Minnesota.

“They had a cookie-cutter style and didn’t use space effectively,” he adds, noting that the old locker design and configuration both wasted space. “We wanted a locker room that gives the ‘wow factor’ every time players walk in,” Harris explains.

“Wenger did an outstanding job translating our goals into reality,” he recalls. These lockers include several features developed specifically for this project. Ventilation ducts integrated into each locker’s foot locker and topper unit are tied into the main HVAC system to accelerate equipment drying.

Cleaning the lockers is easy – all wooden surfaces feature an antimicrobial, polyester laminate finish that makes wiping them down simple and quick.

Aesthetically, the University’s maroon and gold colors are incorporated throughout. A padded seat doubles as the foot locker lid to help conserve floor space.

The lockers have been very well-received and Harris says the locker room has become a comfortable place for players to relax. Concludes Harris, “With the locker room’s open design and more locker space, everyone just feels more like part of the team.”


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University of Minnesota Football Locker Room
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GearBoss by Wenger Corporation Customizable Wood Lockers

Team room lockers are available in more than 1,000 different configurations – sizes, features and accessories. A variety of color/finish choices are available, from school colors to wood-grain laminates. Wood lockers are constructed of a durable, easy-to-clean wood laminate incorporating antimicrobial nanosilver technology.



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