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Usabal sports center

Tolosa Spain

Hoz Fontán Arquitectos


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Tolosa's sports center is located in a place where a freeway, housing and mountain converge, in what is a halfway situation between built and natural environment. The houses and the mount are separated by a small valley, by which the Araxes river flows, where the freeway goes through raising some meters off the ground. The program required a minimum of two sports courts, a swimming pool and outer sport spaces, which involved a great amount of programmatic space in relation to the total area available.

The sports center maintains a functional scheme in which the activities that are performed in humid areas are separated from those taking place in dry ones, with a common changing room area that binds them. This configuration is materialized in the form of two volumes linked by a base of common programs. The programmatic needs and the available ground shortage demanded a section-type piling up of the two sport tracks in a single volume, generating a body of great dimensions that, along with the destined to humid programs, is placed to the foot of the mountain.


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Usabal sports center
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