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Valleycare Occupational Health, Urgent Care, and Physical Medicine

Dublin, CA United States



Project Description

This 10,000 sf modern medical facility was designed and built from warm shell with the purpose of bringing optimum healthcare services to the local community. The goal was to create a healthcare facility that was flexible to provide more than one function and to accommodate new standards of care in a welcoming, warm and soothing environment.

The floor plan intentionally promotes patient/staff interaction and reflects their friendly, accessible culture. The nurses’ station being the core is centrally located to allow unobstructed surveillance and access to the exam rooms. The raised ceiling and circular soffit allows perhaps the busiest area in the facility to feel open and airy.

The reception and waiting room have plenty of daylight with high ceilings and architectural light pendants welcome patients upon their arrival. The translucent panels, wood veneers and well balanced use of warm colors provide an attractive environment with a strong sense of tranquility.

The exam and treatment rooms are spacious to accommodate the necessary equipment and family members. Displaying a pleasant use of neutral , warm colors, and the rich textures, the entire facility provides a harmonious environment of relief of stress and anxiety, remote from the traditional, cold and impersonal healthcare environment.


Project Details

Valleycare Occupational Health, Urgent Care, and Physical Medicine
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Project Team:
    William Douglas, Architect; Carmen Campos, Project Designer
  • Project Manager: Ben Deletesky 
  • Mechanical Engineer: James L. Dunham 
  • Electrical Engineer: Jennifer Shaw 
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Year Completed:
Project Size:
    9,463 sq ft


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