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VIA Corporativo

Tijuana, Baja California Mexico


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With 9 floors of commercial/office space VIA Corporativo stands as a beacon of sustainability in the Tijuana region. The goal was to build a contemporary, innovative, healthy and sustainable building that could breaks schemes in the area.

VIA Corporativo is in the most important business district of the city. The building responds to key elements that are unique and that can't be found in any other area. Two of these elements are the main traffic artery (Via Rapida) and the Tijuana River, which are located north and helped mold and give clues to what the building is now.

The building is a symbol of sustainability as it is not a place to work nomas, but it promieve lifestyle healthier. With an outdoor running track on the 10th floor, employees are encouraged to exercise and also to use alternative means of transport such as the carpool and bike.

The building is composed of a double skin consisting of a metallic panels that reflect UV rays and filter the natural light. At the same time it holds an air and light chamber that divides the building in the center. This element is crucial, as air enters through the mouth naturally is redirected to the 9 floors thus saving the cost of air conditioning and energy.

Corporate VIA has innovative features that are new to the area, which is in its early stages to a a cultural, social and environmental renaissance


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VIA Corporativo
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Project Team:
    Ramon Guillot, Architect, Lead Designer
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Project Size:
    22,700 sq m
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