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Wawelberg Trading Bank and Apartments

Saint Petersburg Russian Federation

A.Len Architect Bureau


Project Description

The restoration and adaptation of the cultural heritage of federal importance object “Wawelberg Trading Bank and apartments (St. Petersburg Trade bank)” for the hotel.

Total building area is 11 853 square meters including basement floor area, where the kitchen of the restaurant, the stuff premises, the pantry and the technical premises will be situated according to the architectural design. The inner court area is 206 square meters.

The building has a pentagonal form on its external contours and triangular inner atrium with multiple tabs inside courtyard in it's corners. The building is six-storeyed (the sixth floor is an attic).


Project Details

Wawelberg Trading Bank and Apartments
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    Sergey Oreshkin - Project Manager
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Project Size:
    12,987 sq m


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