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West Newton Street

Boston, MA United States


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The site conditions catalyzed the complete reorientation of the dwelling to take advantage of the front-to-rear prospects of light and privacy not normally afforded to urban houses. The 3300 square-foot house now celebrates its ‘back’ rather than avoiding the al- leyway and areas traditionally relegated to utility. The addition of the reinterpreted glass Oriel window allows western light to imprint the life of the house – in the dining room, allowing a quick open-air meal – in the living room, providing an unusually broad urban panorama. Conversely, the top floor, remote from the life of the lower levels, takes a celestial orientation with the master bath lit alternately by moon and sun.


Project Details

West Newton Street
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Project Team:
    Pamela Butz, Jeffrey Klug, Josh Fiedler, Karl Viksnins, Nicholas Waldman
  • Construction Manager: Payne-Bouchier 
  • Structural Engineer: Roome & Guarracino, LLC 
  • Window Fabricator: Architectural Openings 
  • Cabinet Maker: Furniture Design Services 
  • Photgrapher: Eric Roth Photography 
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