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Wimbledon’s Centre Court

London United Kingdom


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SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric was selected for the retractable roof over Wimbledon’s Centre Court that closes/opens in under ten minutes. The concertina-design roof provides a first-class, consistent and safe playing environment in both open and closed positions. When the roof is closed, the fabric provides light transmission and protection from inclement weather.


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Wimbledon’s Centre Court
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SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric

SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric lets you create exciting designs that have never been possible before. This innovative fabric transmits light brilliantly, folds and drapes beautifully, and lasts for years-even outdoors. It's the ideal material for luminous tensioned fabric structures, retractable roofs, air inflated structures, sculptures and lightweight structures of all kinds.



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