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Wisconsin Dogtrot Truss House

Madison, WI United States


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Facing south into a field gently sloping away to neighboring corn fields, this dog-trot derivative rests on twenty acres of recently decommissioned Wisconsin farm land. Our charge was to design a beautiful and non-traditional home with a double-height central living space using off the shelf, prefabricated metal building trusses. Two equally sized two story ends of the house flank a central double height living area containing the kitchen, dining and living rooms. A bridge spans the great space and connects the bedroom wing to the loft space used as a sculpture studio above the garage. The corrugated galvanized metal siding at once alludes to regional utilitarian agrarian architecture and insinuates a sophisticated pallet born of modern pedigree. The metal siding helps abstract the form of the building which suggests both house and barn. The unconventional horizontal wall girts at twenty four inches on center create the framework for the staccato composition of standard two feet high window units erode away at the solid facade creating a dynamic composition and the best views.


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Wisconsin Dogtrot Truss House
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