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Wisconsin Employees Benefit Fund Office Building

Madison United States

The Renschler Company


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The WEEBF office building is a single-story, 11,964 square-foot facility. It has been dual-certified through the LEED and Green Globes rating systems and, for the first five years of occupancy, has consistently scored in the upper 80th percentile of Energy Star for exceptional energy efficiency. Green upgrades are simple, inexpensive, and readily available. They include low lighting power density combined with occupancy sensors controlling most lights, high-efficiency ozone-friendly cooling system, high-efficiency furnaces, air-to-air energy recovery on bathroom exhaust, and low-E glass assemblies. One-half of the construction waste was recycled and the exterior landscaping includes drought-tolerant plantings and re-established praire. Green upgrades added less than 3% to the construction cost and, based on documented energy savings, actually reduced the total cost for the owner from the very first day of occupancy: zero payback period.


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Wisconsin Employees Benefit Fund Office Building
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    The Renschler Company
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    11,964 sq ft
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