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Woodley Residence

Wilsonville, OR United States


Project Description

Located on the site of a former quarry, the project has numerous unique site considerations that were both obstacles and opportunities. The site has a fantastic view and ample solar access for both daylighting and the use of photovoltaics, but was also susceptible to glare as well as potentially unstable soils. The project team performed multiple daylighting studies throughout the design phase and worked closely with our geotechnical and structural consultants to produce a house that is very close to being completely off grid. Using on-site water capture, photovoltaics and a tight, energy efficient design, the house needs very little artificial daylighting during the daylight hours without significant glare or heat gain.


Project Details

Woodley Residence
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Project Team:
    Larry Wilson, Principal
  • Structural Engineer: Parkin Engineering 
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Project Size:
    4,800 sq ft
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Specified Products

Loewen Wood Windows

We established early on that the window package would be a major key to the success of the project. To meet our design goals, extensive use of custom window sizes was necessary. Additionally, for aesthetic reasons, we needed to get all of the grilles in the windows to align, even around corners.

Loewen Wood Doors LIftslide

Because of the natural beauty of the setting, we wanted to create as much connection with the exterior as possible. We achieved this with the use of a four paneled lift and slide system with a net opening of 18'-0".



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