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World of Whirlpool

Chicago, IL United States


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When the newly added 8th floor of the Reid-Murdoch building, with its spectacular views of the Chicago River and skyline, was selected as the site for the World of Whirlpool, as architects, we recognized that this one-of-a-kind space demanded a design that was equally spectacular. For inspiration we looked to the Whirlpool logo and its iconic oval, embracing the brand and implying a complete and integrated approach. On the eighth floor this was interpreted as a continuous ring of space taking full advantage of the views. The moment visitors walk off the elevator, their experience begins as they tour the Whirlpool brands that encircle the perimeter. The white sculptured canopy that covers each of the 10 kitchens defines this ring and connects all the brands, implying a common commitment to both design and quality which is central to the corporate mission. The design of each environment reflects the unique core qualities of each brand. This ring of space surrounds a series of labs and demonstration spaces which are the working core of the World of Whirlpool. These spaces reflect the Whirlpool experience. They are further enriched by the outdoor terraces, which showcase two outdoor kitchens and allow people to see the corporation at the center of the world city of Chicago. In addition the experience is enhanced by the series of meeting and social spaces in the tower leading to the clock room on the 11th floor. Whirlpool is a growing worldwide company whose brands and product lines are fully expressed in the World of Whirlpool environment.


Project Details

World of Whirlpool
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Project Team:
    Joe Valerio, FAIA; Randy Mattheis, AIA; Christine McGrath Breuer, AIA; Elisa Dennis; Bob Webber, AIA; Lauren Nakles, AIA
  • General Contractor: Leopardo 
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    30,000 sq ft

Specified Products

Square 1 Precision Lighting Custom stainless steel and acrylic fixtures

Porcelanosa Ironker Acero 17” x 26” Porcelain Tile



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